Criminal Background Check


Required for all CDEC & EDUC Majors!

Most of your CDEC/EDUC classes require you to complete a certain amount of observation hours and a criminal background check is required to be on file.  The earlier you get this completed, the quicker you can start observing and complete that required task for the course requirements.  Background checks for the CDEC Courses are completed by our staff at the West Campus Lab School and held on file for two years.  The process can take up to 4 weeks, so by starting early you can help ensure a smooth observation experience.  The deadline to get your paperwork and payment to the Lab School is by August 30 for Fall Semester and by January 30 for the Spring Semester.


Criminal Background Checks for Observations

  1. Complete and sign the Required Background Check documents:

    Download: Required Background Check Documents

  2. Have the form notarized. 
    1. Your advisor Emily Stowers or the CDEC/EDUC assistant Laurie Russell can do this for you free of charge. 
    2. There are also other places on AC Campus’ to get this done as well.
  3. Provide a $2 Money Order or Cashier Check made out to HHSC.  Personal checks or cash is not accepted.  You can get one:
    1. in the CDEC/EDUC office, Dutton 102. (a service fee of $1 has been added, so please bring $3 cash.)
    2. Or at any convenience store, Walmart, or a bank.
    3. Please sign the bottom of the Money Order or Cashier Check.
  4. Turn in the completed forms at the West Campus Lab School or the CDEC/EDUC office in Dutton 102 on Washington Street Campus.

For Observations in Amarillo ISD

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the red box that says VOLUNTEER  
  3. Click on VOLUNTEER for AISD
  4. Click Register AS A VOLUNTEER (underneath the picture)
  5. Scroll down to create username and password
  6. Click on VOLUNTEER left hand side (brown box)
  7. Go through each option listed and complete the information requested.
  8. When you get the confirmation email that you are cleared to observe, email the confirmation  form to  It could take up to 5 days for you to receive clearance.
  9. You will probably have to take your driver’s license to each school to verify your identity and that you’ve completed the background check.

Criminal history or background checks are required by law for every position related to work with children and youth.  The state is determined to protect young people.  This screening process will help the CDEC/EDUC office know we are doing our part to help keep schools safe and secure.  If you would like to discuss any specifics, please feel free to come see us!