Criminal Background Check


How to Complete Criminal Background Checks


Taking TECA, CDEC or PHED 1331 Classes?background

Criminal background checks are required for classes requiring observations.

Background checks will be done at the Lab School on West Campus.  If you are a Child Development, Elementary Generalist, or Special Education major needing PHED 1331, you should begin your background check as soon as you declare your major.  This can be easily done by going by the AC Lab School on West Campus.  You will need to take a $2.00 money order.  You will then complete the necessary paper work.  These will stay on file for 2 years.   By doing this early you can begin your observations quickly when you take a class requiring observations and therefore needing a background check. It takes a while to get these back so if you wait until you are actually in the class you may find you can't begin your observations in a timely manner. For more information call the Lab School at 356-3636.

Taking Education Classes?                       j0365330

Criminal background checks are done for EDUC 1301 and EDUC 2301.

Background checks for these classes will be done through  Amarillo ISD  or the school district you are observing.These will be completed at the beginning of your class. This applies to Elementary ESL, Bilingual, 4-8, All Level, and Secondary Education majors.  These will stay on file for 6 months.