Child Development Lab School Observation Information

Observation Policies for Students

Our goal as a Child Development Lab School is to ensure the health and safety of our children at all times; therefore we ask that these polices be followed by all observation students who come to the Lab School. We welcome all students who pass their criminal history check and hope to serve as an educational tool for each student.

1.       Please wash hands upon entering the Lab School.
2.      No food or drink in classrooms.
3.      Dress in a causal but professional manner with tattoos and piercing covered and appropriate clothing to be worn in front of children without offensive language or images. Avoid low rise-jeans, short shorts, or low cut tops.
4.      Sign-in and out at front office by showing your driver’s license.
5.      Avoid strong smells smoke, perfume, etc.
6.      No personal items may be stored; therefore, you must leave all personal belongings in your car or at home.
7.      Infants are observed from the window in the hallway. Please ask for earphones.
8.      Only 1 observer at a time in 1 year old room.
9.      No more than 2 observers at a time in 2, 3, and 4 year old rooms.
10. Observe from windows in the hall if children become distressed by observers. Hearing devices will be provided so observer may still hear what is going on in classroom.
11.  Choose a space to sit in the classroom that allows you to see and hear but not attract attention from the children’s work and play. If a child asks a question a response of “Today I am listening and watching” will help them know you are there to take notes. Please try to watch the interactions and room arrangements and not verbally comment on the children or activities while in the room.
12.  Observation hours Monday Friday, 8-11pm and 2:30-5:00pm.
13. Observers should make an appointment to observe at 356-3636 or 356-3637 with Chelsea Munkres or Wanda Young. The Child Development Lab School accommodates many students throughout the semester, therefore, each student is encouraged to schedule their observation hours as soon as possible. If a student is rushing for all hours needed at the last minute it may be impossible to schedule enough hours. Please plan ahead for your semester observation hours.
14. The Lab School holds national accreditation from NAEYC and has a research based project for School Ready! in place in the four year old room. Parents As Teachers is a program for the infants and toddlers. You are encouraged to discuss these standards of highest quality with the director if time is available or by appointment.

Criminal Background Checks

All student observers are required to clear a criminal background check prior to observing at the Lab School.  If the observer has cleared a criminal history at another site, such as their current work place, the observer must still do a new criminal history check with the Lab School to observe.

In order to submit a criminal history form for the Lab School the student must:

  • Fill out a Criminal History Form in its entirety. Please make sure to fill out a phone number in case there are any problems or questions about your form or if you are missing any items.
  • Get the Affidavit notarized.  There are many notary's who will do this free of charge at Amarillo College--contact 356-3636 or 356-3637 to find out where.
  • Attach a $2.00 money order made out to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TXDFPS).  These can be obtained easily at any bank or gas station of your convenience.
  • Either bring or mail the completed criminal history form, affidavit, and $2.00 money order to the Child Development Lab School, P.O. Box 447, Amarillo, TX 79178.  If you mail your documents, please attach a copy of your driver's license or other form of ID, or if you bring your documents to the Lab School please show a copy of your ID to the director to verify your identity.

After all necessary form are processed, the observer will be e-mailed by their instructor to determine if they are approved to observe.  If there are any questions, please call 806-356-3636 or 806-356-3637.

*All criminal history information is confidential.


If a student has lived out of the state of Texas in the last 5 years, after the student has obtained a cleared criminal history for the state of Texas, the student must obtain a fingerprint check to verify no criminal history is present in other states that would interfere with their ability to be around children in a child care setting. The student must fill out the following FAST Pass Fingerprint Application, and follow the instructions on the form to schedule an appointment to get their fingerprints taken.

Directions on Fingerprint Application:
  • Print off a copy of the Fingerprint Application Services of Texas (FAST) Fingerprint Pass and schedule an appointment to obtain an electronic fingerprint check via the web or by calling Integrated Biometric Technology (IBT), toll-free at 1-888-467-2080 (8am-5pm CST)
  • At the appointment to submit fingerprints, the individual must bring a completed FAST Fingerprint Pass Form with the DFPS ORI number on it, their driver's license or other valid form of identification and $44.20.
  • IBT will send the fingerprints to DPS who will then send them to the FBI.
  • DPS will return both the DPS and FBI check results to DFPS.
  • DFPS will notify child care center and child care center will notify your instructor if student has cleared a fingerprint check.