2014 - 2015

Membership and committee lists from the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

  • Susan Burks, Associate Professor - Management (2014-15)
  • Reem Witherspoon, Instructor - Mathematics, Science & Engineering (2015-16)
    Vice President
  • Heather Voran, Instructor - Center for Teaching & Learning (2014-15)
Other Members
  • Doug Adcock, Program Director/Assistant Professor - Emergency Medical Services Professions (2014-15)
  • LaVon Barrett, Director Vocational Nursing/Professor - LVN Vocational Nursing (2016-17)
  • Brent Cavanaugh, Instructor – Photography (2013-14)
  • Craig Clifton, Department Chair/Instructor - Sports & Exercise Sciences (2015-16)
  • Penelope Davies, Instructor – Mathematics, Science & Engineering (2014-15)
  • Monty Downs, Technical Director/Instructor – Theater Arts/Language, Communication & Fine Arts (2014-15)
  • Dr. Brian Farmer, Professor – Social Sciences (2015-16)
  • Nancy Forrest, Instructor -- Academic Success (2016-17)
  • Dr. Deborah Harding, Associate Professor – Psychology (2016-17)
  • Marcia Julian- Nursing (2014-15)
  • Brian Jacob, Program Coordinator – Automotive Technology (2016-17)
  • Dr. J. Alan Kee, Professor – Psychology (2015-16)
  • Scott Rankin, Program Director/Instructor – Mortuary Science (2016-17)
  • Sam Schwarzlose, Instructor - Biology (2014-15)
  • Jim Taylor, Instructor - English Hereford Campus (2014-15)
  • Kerrie Young, Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing (2015-16)
  • Derek Weathersbee, Instructor – Art/Graphic Design (2016-17)

Committee Assignments

*Committees listed with an asterisk are Amarillo College Committees requiring one Faculty Senate representative. To view the full committee membership:

All other committees are internal Faculty Senate committees.

Senators Committee (suggested numbers of members) Purpose

Monty Downs, Chair
Alan Kee
Jim Taylor
Deborah Harding

Courtesy Committee (3-4)

This committee maintains communication with faculty and staff across the AC community, and sends notes/cards on behalf of the Senate to personnel for accomplishments and/or illness/personal loss.

Craig Clifton, Chair
Nancy Forrest
Brian Jacob
Scott Rankin

Elections Committee (3-4)

This committee conducts elections for Senate members, the Piper Professor and other faculty elections as needed each year.


Brian Farmer, Chair
Nancy Forrest
Derek Weathersbee

Legislative Committee (3-4)

This committee updates faculty on current legislative/faculty issues. Of importance this year: the state legislative session begins in January 2011 and key issues are funding, HB 2504. Also, this committee updates faculty on local developments, including the Board of Regent elections, etc.

Jim Taylor, Chair
Doug Adcock
Brian Farmer
Sam Schwarzlose

Mead Award Committee (3-4)

This committee helps determine the criteria for the John F. Mead Faculty Excellence Award and members serve on the selection committee for the award.

Reem Witherspoon, Chair
Penelope Davies
LaVon Barrett

Professor Emeritus Award Committee (4-5)

Senate Vice-President/President-Electchairs this committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate for retired faculty to be named Professor Emeritus, plans and conducts the public reception, and arranges for all publicity for the Professor Emeritus honoree.

Brain Farmer, Chair
Brian Jacob
Kerrie Young
Derek Weathersbee

Questions Committee (3-4)

This committee accepts questions and concerns from faculty members, reviews those questions, and presents the questions/concerns to the Faculty Senate for further action.

Reem Witherspoon, Chair
Doug Adcock
Brian Jacob


Salary Committee (3-4)

Senate Vice-President/President-Electchairs this committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding faculty salaries and other related areas. The committee will make a Salary Proposal recommendation to the College President prior to the budgeting process in February.

Heather Voran, Chair
Alan Kee
Scott Rankin

Technology Committee (2-3)

This committee maintains the Senate homepage and reviews technology updates/changes and issues

Sam Schwarzlose, Chair
Monty Downs
Kerrie Young
Derek Weathersbee

Faculty Survey Committee (4-5)

This committee conducts the annual, Spring survey of College faculty. Committee members work closely with the Institutional Research department to verify survey results, and the committee presents those results (separately) to the Vice President of Instruction and to the College President.

Penelope Davies, Chair
LaVon Barrett

Hospitality Committee (3-4)


All Senators

Professional Standards and Relations Committee

As the Professional Standards and Relations Committee, the Faculty Senate shall review faculty grievances upon recommendation by the Vice President of Instruction and make recommendations according to procedures outlined in the Faculty Senate bylaws.

Reem Witherspoon

*Faculty Development Committee

The Senate Vice-President/President-Elect serves as a faculty representative to the Faculty Development Committee.

Susan Burks
(Reem Witherspoon, 1st Alt.)
(Heather Voran, 2nd Alt.)

*Information Technology Council


The Senate President serves as one of five faculty representatives (2 instructional, 1 dept. chair, 1 division chair, Faculty Senate president) on the policy-making Information  Technology Council.

LaVon Barrett, Chair
Penelope Davies
Mark Shadix

Pinning Committee (2-3)

This committee works with the Administrative and Classified Councils to coordinate and host
quarterly ceremonies where AC employees receive Service Pins.

Craig Clifton, Chair
Scott Rankin
Marcia Julian

Faculty Committee Appointments

This committee sends out a survey in the spring to all faculty to collect interest in serving on campus
committees the following school year. The committee then consolidates faculty requests and
the Senate makes recommendations to the VPAA
for faculty representatives on campus committees.

Susan Burks
Reem Witherspoon
Heather Voran

*No Excuses Core Team

Faculty Senate Officers serve as Faculty representatives on the policy-making No Excuses Core Team.