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02-05-2018 16:47
I live in Dayton Ohio. Do you offer online courses? I current am a Radiologic Technologist ARRT R(RT). Looking to go into radiation therapy
09-29-2018 19:30
Jennifer Juarez
Advising and Counseling:
How do I change my area of study from "pre-nursing" to non degree seeking courses? I already graduated from AC in 2017, and I only need a few classes to be able to transfer to a university. I am not trying to get another degree at AC, just need a few classes that will transfer, and I am not seeking financial aid.
01-06-2019 21:17
Erika Mariah Silva
Where do I find my syllabus online?
01-07-2019 17:01
Emily R McKay
How do I register for a dual credit class. I attend Tascosa High School and I am taking a dual credit English class
02-19-2019 12:47
Joy Waggoner
What are students supposed to do if the eight week class style does not work for them? Some of these classes are not meant to be taught in that short period of time. Even the professors at the college are saying this. What do you recommend students do if this doesn't meet their learning style?
04-09-2019 22:23
Molly Flores
Technology Information Center (TIC):
where can I find my Verification of enrollment
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