Outstanding Employee Award

In order to recognize outstanding performance by Classified Employees and Administrators, encourage excellence and innovation, and bolster employee morale, the Outstanding Employee Awards are presented to deserving employees each year. This award recognizes outstanding Amarillo College employees the same way the Mead Award recognizes outstanding faculty. Each year we will honor three Amarillo College Employees who exemplify Amarillo College core values and go above and beyond to serve our students and other employees.


Other than President's Cabinet members, any Board-appointed Administrator or currently employed full-time Classified Employee who has been employed for at least one year (prior to August 1) are eligible. Previous Outstanding Employee award recipients are not eligible to be deemed award finalists for a five-year- period.


The presentation at General Assembly includes a commemoration for the individual, a professional photo to display on campus, and a $1,000 Foundation Award.


Any AC student or employee can submit a nomination. Nomination forms will be made available via AC Connect and submitted electronically.


Nominations should include examples of excellence in one or more of the following areas: leadership/management, commitment to AC values, hard work, personal achievements reflecting job performance or commitment to the college's mission and image, and/or devotion to Amarillo College and the Community.


The selection committee will consist of two staff (selected by the Staff Council), the Faculty Senate President, one student (appointed by the SGA), and the three previous recipients. No committee member will be eligible for the award. If a Committee Member is nominated, they will relinquish their position on the selection committee and a new representative will be appointed.

The Employee of the Year Committee will review all nominations and will rank and note comments related to their selections. If desired, the Committee may also use confidential interviews as a factor used to determine the final candidate selection. Based on Committee rankings, discussion, and (if desired) interviews, the Committee will then select THREE Employees of the Year.

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