Transaction Form Instructions

In an effort to receive consistent information from multiple AC departments, this form has been designed to function for all three types of credit cards utilized by Amarillo College. It will provide the Business Office with the specific information we need to balance to the credit card statements and charge those various transactions to the specific accounts that are intended to pay for the charges. This form will also streamline the auditing process.

Debit/Credit information: ALL charges and ALL credits must be identified on this form in both the Detail and Summary areas. The Business Office has to balance to the master statement from the credit card vendor, which lists each transaction separately. If a return/credit zero's out or decreases an initial purchase, and is not itemized, our totals do not balance. 

Most receipts are not turned in with this form. There are a few exceptions, please call the Business Office if there are questions. Procurement and Executive card receipts (non-travel related) are to be kept and filed by the cardholder (unless required by a specific grant). All travel card receipts are submitted with Travel Expense Statements, whether directly related to a T# or not.

STEP ONE: First Section: Transaction Information

Transactions for: Choose which card type this statement is being prepared for. Click on the down arrow to the right of this cell to see the drop down list. Choose the appropriate card type for the statement.

Use the TAB key to move to the next cell for information entry.

Department, Cardholder Name, Preparer's Name, and Contact Number: Please type this information in the corresponding cells. Department, cardholder name, and date are required fields.

Signatures: Obtain the appropriate signature(s) for your department. Follow the current policies in your department. The Business Office will not require or monitor for additional signatures.

STEP TWO: Bottom Section: Detail by Transaction

Use your mouse to click on the account number column in the Detail section.

Account numbers: Enter the 18 digit account number in this cell. The cell has been formatted to add the "- " hyphens between the appropriate groups of numbers. Ex: 00-00-00-000000-000000

Debits/charges and credits: See Debit/Credit explanation above for important information.

Merchant: Enter the name of the transaction's vendor. This information was not requested in the past, but is being added for auditing purposes.

T# (for T-Cards and Executive Cards): If this line's charge is related to the cardholder's direct travel expenses, a Travel Authorization Number (T#) is needed. If the cardholder used their card to pay for another's travel expenses, the T# and the traveler's name is needed. If a T# has not been created yet, add traveler's name, destination, and date of trip. If charge is not directly related to a T#, see the updated Travel Policy (Revised 07/24/07) for details concerning receipts and Travel Expense Statement.

Other Notes (for Purchasing Cards): Detailed information on the major items purchased must be entered here. Details provided ensure college policies are being followed. Examples include: Printer toner cartridges, pens, file folders, water for labs, etc.

STEP THREE: Middle Section: Summary of Expenses by Account

Use your mouse to click on the first account number cell in the Summary section. This is the most important area for the Business Office, and is used for data entry. An error of one digit can cause wrong account numbers to be charged.

Statement Date: Enter the date of the credit card statement, not the date the form was created. The Business Office needs this information to match the card statement. This field is auto-formatted and required.

Account Numbers: Same as Step Two instructions.

Summary by Account: Enter account numbers and totals of both debits and credits for each account to be charged. List each account number only once in this area. See the "Example Worksheet" link for clarification.

Debits/charges and credits: Same as previous instructions.

Completing the Form

Check worksheet totals: The charges, credits, and total activity lines of the Summary, Detail, and monthly statement areas should all be the same amounts.

Staple this worksheet on top of the credit card statement (a copy of the statement is OK). Check the worksheet for appropriate signatures from your department.

  • Send Procurement Card Statements to Purchasing.
  • Send Travel Card Statements to the Business Office.
  • Send Executive Card Statements to the Business Office.