Health Sciences General Information

Amarillo College West Campus Allied Health Building

The Health Sciences Division began in 1968 as the School of Biomedical Arts and Sciences on the Washington Street Campus of Amarillo College. At that time, 5 programs of study were offered with about 100 declared majors and 5 faculty. In 1974, the Health Sciences Programs were moved to their present location on the West Campus, and the School of Biomedical Arts and Sciences became the Allied Health Division. In the summer of 2011, the Allied Health Division was renamed the Health Sciences Division, and in 2018, Kim Crowley was named Dean of Health Sciences.

Today, the Health Sciences Division offers 16 programs of study with approximately 1200 declared majors, 33 full-time faculty,  and a host of part-time and adjunct faculty to help us educate our students.. Each of the faculty members are veterans in their professional disciplines and possess appropriate academic degrees along with national and/or state credentials to support the subjects they teach.

In addition to completing academic coursework in modern, high-tech lecture rooms, every Health Sciences Program provides on-campus dedicated laboratory space with modern equipment, where students can begin to develop their technical and clinical skills in a safe and secure environment. Once students are deemed competent in the basic skills, they are scheduled into medical, dental, and mortuary facilities where discipline-specific skills continue to be developed and refined. After the student has completed his or her program of study, the graduate will take any required national and/or state board examinations that, upon successful completion, provide the needed credentials to legally practice in their respective profession.

If you are interested in a career in the Health Sciences, please feel free to explore the Health Sciences Programs offered by Amarillo College.