Heavy Equipment

Do you need Heavy Equipment Operator Training? 

Amarillo College offers contract training to cities, counties, state municipalities and the business industry. Amarillo College can offer heavy equipment operator training at your facility on your equipment with your employees.

Our job is to deliver heavy equipment safety training to your construction and maintenance personnel, and to improve the overall safety consciousness of every employee involved with heavy equipment at your locations. Our goal is to improve your bottom line by evaluating the on-the-job skill levels of your workforce for increased safety, efficiency and productivity. 

Our custom training programs will save you time and money by delivering the precise training you need. Our qualification assessment program evaluates employee's present skill levels to pinpoint a custom training regimen designed by instructors dispatched to your location. Onsite training saves on the costly travel of employees and their time out-of-pocket so you can get your production schedule back on track as soon as possible.


Maintainer James and Chelsea  


Our primary goals is to educate on safety, maintenance and operations of these pieces of equipment by improving safety and awareness on the job and increase skill levels 

  • Safety Orientation
  • Pre-operation inspection and lubrication
  • Study of specific equipment control functions
  • Field exercises determined by customer needs
  • Assessment of participants to evaluate training results
  • Post operation inspections