The Dental Clinic is located on the West Campus in the Allied Health Building.

Services are provided by the students of the Dental Hygiene Department and are limited to preventive dental procedures. These include dental prophylaxis (scaling and polishing teeth), diet and home-care instructions, topical fluoride applications and rinses, and dental radiographs (X rays). Radiographs are taken only on prescription from the supervising dentist. (Policy on radiographs complies with state and federal regulations governing radiation exposure.) The radiographs are mailed to the family dentist if requested by the dentist but are not released to the patient since they are legally a part of the patient's file.

Dental clinic services are free to Amarillo College employees and students.

For detailed information concerning fees and appointment scheduling, faculty may call the dental clinic at 806-354-6050.

Approved: August 20, 1991

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