Also Refer to Amarillo College Board Policy Manual
DC - Hiring Practices 

Requests for employment of new faculty originate with the department chairs, who complete a Personnel Requisition form and submit it to the division chairs. The division chairs submit it with their recommendation to the Vice President/Dean of Instruction. The Personnel Office is responsible for recruiting through advertising of positions and for establishing and maintaining personnel files. 

During the interview process potential faculty are apprised of the Board Policy Manual and the Faculty Handbook and that policies contained therein govern the faculty relationship to the institution. 

Full-time and part-time faculty must be approved by the department chairs, division chairs, and the Vice President/Dean of Instruction and recommended by the president to the Board of Regents for appointment. After appointment to the faculty, the responsibilities, obligations, rights, and compensation of faculty are governed in accordance with statements contained in The Handbook. 

Approved: August 20, 1991 
Revised: September 1, 2000