General Benefits

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Information regarding leaves, holidays, educational opportunities, and information about FLSA.

Vacation Leave

All full-time employees accrue vacation at the rate of approximately one day per month.  Part-time, benefits eligible employees will accrue vacation at a rate proportional to their appointment percent and months of service.  Classified personnel accrue vacation from the date of employment, but cannot take vacation until after the completion of the six-month probationary period. Twelve-month Faculty and Administrative personnel are eligible to take accrued vacation upon employment. 

Administrative, Classified and 12 month Faculty personnel may accrue vacation leave up to 20 days for length of service under five years.  For length of service over five years but less than ten, 25 days may accrue.  For service over ten years, a maximum of 30 days of vacation time may accrue.

Classified and Administrative employees who work less than 12 months will accrue vacation at a rate proportional to their months of service.  Only 12 month Faculty will accrue vacation.


Length of Employment


Hours accrued each Biweekly


Hours accrued each Month


Maximum Hours To Carryover


0 – 4 years


3.70 hours


8 hours


160 hours


5 – 9 years


4.62 hours


10 hours


200 hours


10+ years


5.54 hours


12 hours


240 hours



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