HealthSelect (United Healthcare)

This summary is to assist you in considering the various choices you will have with regard to your employee benefits as a new employee of Amarillo College. During your orientation session, you will have opportunities to ask questions. However, we encourage you to give some advance thought to the various options and discuss them with your spouse, if applicable, before coming in for your orientation.

HealthSelect (United Healthcare)

 HEALTH PLAN                       HealthSelect     

                                           Network                                    Non-Network                 

Premiums Full-time Employees (Monthly)

Employee Only                      $ 0.00                                    Same as Network          

Employee/Spouse                  $307.88                                                     "        

Employee/Children                 $206.14                                                      “                                 

Employee/Family                   $514.02                                                      “                         

Premiums Part-time Employees (Monthly)

   Employee only                     $268.83

   Employee/Spouse                $730.65

   Employee/Child(ren)              $578.04

   Employee/Family                  $1039.86

.Physician Choice                   HealthSelect Providers                          Your Choice

 Office Visit                                      $25.00                                                   40%*

 Specialist Visit                                 $40.00                                                  40%*

 Hospital Charge                        $150 per day up to                                     40%*

                                                5 days ($750) Plus 20%

 Hospital Choice                            BSA / NWTXH                                Your Choice

Emergency Care                       $150 co-pay +20%                             40%*             

                                  (if admitted will apply to Hospital co-pay)

Urgent Care Facility Co-pay            $50 + 20%                                             40%*

 Maximum Out-of- Pocket                 $2000                                                   $7000

 *After $500 calendar year deductible satisfied-reasonable & customary charges apply.



Caremark is the prescription carrier for HealthSelect for 2014-2015

Co-pays for 2014-2015. $10/$35/$60. $50 annual deductible per person

Mail order for maintenance medications is available.

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