Amarillo College Human Resources

Courtesy Fund Form

Amarillo College Family members may now contribute a minimum of $5 per year through our online payroll deduction form. NOTE: Part-Time and Clock-Hour employees are NOT eligible to contribute through this online option.

These contributions will be used for the following purposes:
- An engraved baby spoon will be sent to an employee who has had a new child
- A bud vase will be sent to an employee who is in the hospital
- A card will be sent to an employee who loses a close family member

At the end of the year, any funds remaining in the account are given to the AC Foundation in honor of those lost during the year.

Please let Joy Brenneman in the President's office know if any AC family members have a baby, a hospitalization, and/or a death in their immediate families.

* I agree to donate the amount indicated above to the AC Courtesy Fund as a one-time payroll deduction.