All software must be purchased using a requisition and be approved by the Dean of ITS. There will be no reimbursement for software purchases using petty cash vouchers unless it is an emergency situation and has the approval of the Dean of ITS.


Software Tracking and Delivery

To avoid liability on the part of Amarillo College due to the legal environment regarding software licensing the following procedure will be followed:

  1. All software will be delivered to User Support Services.
  2. A copy will be made of the requisition, the licensing agreement, number of software copies received, the number of licenses purchased and the key code. This information will be entered into a software database.
  3. No software will be delivered or installed by User Support or Network Services without the approval of the database manager (Technology Support Services).
  4. If software was purchased in an emergency situation a copy of the petty cash voucher, license agreement and a complete Software Purchase Information form must be sent to Technology Support Services within three business days.


Adoption date: 9-7-99, by Executive Committee 
Revision date: No revisions since adoption