The Board Policy Manual, along with applicable local, state, and federal statutes, governs the relationship of the faculty and college. The Faculty Handbook, to be referred to as The Handbook, is a compilation of policies and procedures most commonly referred to by faculty. It is the duty of the faculty as an integral part of their employment with to be knowledgeable of The Handbook. 

Amarillo College reserves the right to periodically review and revise the policies and procedures contained in The Handbook. Faculty are encouraged to suggest and to review proposed revisions to The Handbook . Comments and recommendations from faculty are encouraged, and open hearings may be conducted as the need is indicated by response from these committees and leadership. 

Effective Fall 2000 The Handbook has been made available electronically in a searchable program accessible from campus networked computers and via the Internet. The electronic access will make possible continuous revisions. Faculty will be notified as new policies and procedures are added to The Handbook and as revisions are made. 

September 1, 2000