When a student death occurs on the Amarillo College campus or when an incident on campus or at a College-sponsored activity is related to a student death, regardless of cause of death, AC Police Department officers should be immediately notified. When a death occurs on campus, AC Police Department officers will be in charge of the scene and will be responsible for notifying the proper authorities. The President's Office and the Dean of Students office and others as necessary should be notified as stated in Section 8.21 of the "Policies and Procedures Manual" of the AC Police Department.

The family of the deceased will be notified of circumstances surrounding the death as soon as possible. This notification will be made by AC Police Department officers or others as dictated by the circumstances and at the direction of the President and Dean of Students. Other contacts may include, but are not limited to, College legal counsel, counselors and ministers. Further, a member of the AC staff will be designated by the President or Dean of Students to conduct a follow-up visit or a campus visit for the family if circumstances are warranted.

News media contact will be handled through College Relations at the direction of the President or Dean of Students.

The intent of this policy is to maximize efficient management of a tragedy involving a student death. Also, this policy will assure compliance with applicable local and state laws in a competent and efficient manner.


Approved: April 1, 1992