The purpose of this policy is to define the services provided and responsibilities assumed by the Information Technology Services (ITS) division in the support of operating system software and application software. The standardized application software provided to the college employees will be determined by Administration, Faculty, and Staff with the ITS division's consultation and recommendation.

For clarification purposes, three categories of software will be used: 1) Server-based Institutional Applications, 2) Non-Server based Institutional Applications, 3) Non-Institutional Applications.


Server-based Institutional Applications

Amarillo College provides server based applications for the benefit of the Institution. All software to be installed on the file server must be owned by Amarillo College.

ITS will install software on the file server that is to be shared by two or more people. All software must be reviewed by Network Services prior to purchase if it is intended for file server access. The license agreement and original source media will be filed and stored in a license database maintained by the Technology Support Services department. A copy of the license agreement and original manuals will be sent to the department purchasing the software if requested.

ITS, will install all applications on the file server and give appropriate rights to the end users. Applications that are not intended for all users will be assigned to specific groups, and access will be given only to the users who need rights to these groups.

Application software should not be installed on a user's personal network drive, departmental shared drive, or college-wide (public) drive. This act seriously affects the size and performance of the network drive that it is installed on. If an application is necessary, ITS will review the application for its' applicability for file server access.


Non-Server based Institutional Applications

ITS will be responsible for acquisition, licensing, storage, installation, maintenance, and training of the operating systems for the variety of computer equipment owned by the college. Individual departments will be responsible for acquisition, licensing, storage, and training of application software unique to their division/department. ITS will be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and limited support of application software unique to their division/department.

The division/department must provide original source media and proof of purchase prior to installation by the ITS division.


Non-Institutional Applications

ITS will assist in installation and limited support of non-essential application software by Amarillo College employees. Non-essential is defined as application software not required to perform the job.

The employee is responsible for storage of this software. The employee must provide original source media and proof of purchase prior to installation by the ITS division.

The ITS division has the right to determine if this software is interfering with the operation of the workstation or network and inform the user this application software cannot be used at the college. Examples of the non-essential application programs would be: AfterDark screen savers, Mosaic web browser, Pointcase network, etc.


Adoption date: 1-19-99, by Executive Committee 
Revision date: No revisions since adoption