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Safety Training - How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation

Safety Training graphicAn active shooter is defined as " armed person who has used deadly physical force on other persons and continues to do so while having unrestricted access to additional victims." With the many unfortunate tragedies occurring in the U.S. and around the world, Safety Training provides the AC Family with a strategy for such situations.

Corporal Scott Acker of the AC Police Department leads AC's Safety Training - How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation, a one-hour event educating and preparing the AC Family with a clear and simple plan. This new training includes important updated content - distinct from past Active Shooter Response trainings - and all employees are encouraged to attend. 

The class size is limited to 25 participants, allowing Corporal Acker time to answer questions and interact with participants. If enrollment for a class is less than 5 participants, Corporal Acker will notify you and ask you to reschedule. 

Safety Training Registration

New Employee Orientation

Camp WOW has concluded and will no longer be offered. It is being replaced in 2017 with New Employee Orientation, available only to new and recently-hired employees.

New Employee Orientation is an approximately 6-hour event (including lunch) designed for new AC employees. The event includes essential information every AC Family Member needs to know regarding employee benefits, policies, and procedures. It also focuses on AC’s Culture of Caring Values and Employee Commitments, student demographics, and poverty awareness. Participants learn how to get involved with our many programs designed to ensure student success and employee engagement in the AC Family. New Employee Orientation is an enriching and fun experience of building relationships with coworkers and enjoying our commitment to a happy, healthy, and fabulous place to work!

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Compliance Training logoCompliance Training ensures AC employees enjoy a safe, healthy, and equitable workplace. As an employer and a recipient of federal educational funding, AC is required by law to provide every employee with training on sexual harassment prevention, the Title IX civil rights law, laws protecting against violence, basic campus safety, protecting student records, and civil rights laws pertaining to employment discrimination and diversity. The training includes employee rights and responsibilities, and regulations and procedures for employees to follow related to these topics.

This 2-hour training event also includes a review of AC Employee Commitments to our Culture of Caring Values, and the AC Code of Conduct. Understanding Compliance Training topics is crucial to building and sustaining a safe, responsible, and positive corporate culture at AC, where every employee and student is held in high regard and treated with dignity,, justice, and caring.

  • Compliance Training is required of all AC employees. Full-time employees must attend Compliance Training in person. An online option is in development for employees who work fewer than 30 hours weekly.
  • Access to register will close 2 weeks prior to each Compliance Training event.
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