Amarillo College's No Excuses Philosophy

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Amarillo College's No Excuses philosophy focuses on student support and success.

What is the purpose of No Excuses?

1) Focus on Student Success Performance Measures:

  • a) Persistence from term-to-term and year-to-year
  • b) Successful completion of developmental education
  • c) Successful completion of a course with a grade of "C" or better
  • d) Successful completion of gatekeeper courses (e.g. English Composition and College Algebra)
  • e) Successful completion of a degree, certificate, or transfer

2) Focus on AC's Primary (Institution-Wide) Academic Intervention Strategies:

  • a) Poverty
  • b) Tutoring
  • c) Course redesign
  • d) Developmental education
  • e) First-year seminar

3) Focus on Additional Student Support Services: Addressing and removing any potential barriers or roadblocks to students

Focusing on the above items (directly or indirectly) ensures that students are given the greatest opportunity for success.

Historical No Excuses Data and Information

No Excuses Goals Evaluation Based on Dr. McClenney's Presentation

Original No Excuses Committee

Original No Excuses Data

Original No Excuses Methodology

Original No Excuses Presentation and Findings

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Amarillo College's No Excuses Philosophy
[Historical No Excuses Data and Information]