Instructional and Non-Instructional Annual Review Process

In the 2014-2015 year, Amarillo College began work on a new instructional and non-instructional review process.

The primary purpose of this page is as follows:

  • Provide support information for faculty, administration, and staff to assist them as they complete their review
  • Provide external stakeholders result and improvement information related to the review

Instructional Areas

Identify your division and complete the appropriate review form:
Health Sciences Instructional Review 2014-2015 - Due May 31, 2015 (Reflect on 2013-2014 data)
Liberal Arts Instructional Review 2014-2015 - Due August 17, 2015
Nursing Instructional Review 2014-2015 - Due August 17, 2015
STEM Instructional Review 2014-2015 - Due August 17, 2015
Technical Education Instructional Review 2014-2015 - Due May 1, 2015

Note: Academic Success Division reviews will be posted soon.

Core Curriculum Section
If multiple core curriculum courses exist in a program, the department chair/program coordinator, may wish to have the individuals responsible for each core curriculum course complete this section on their own and then send their responses and student samples to the department chair/coordinator so that the results can be embedded into the program review.

How to Embed Attachments within a Word Document
If you wish to embed attachments with a document, this Word document provides you step-by-step instructions.

Please contact Kristin McDonald-Willey (806-371-5420; to set up an one-on-one training. Otherwise, an email will go out to the appropriate department chairs/coordinators in spring 2015 to ensure that additional assistance is not needed.

Programs directly responsible for core curriculum courses can visit the core curriculum site for more information on core curriculum submission/assessment criteria.


Non-Instructional (NI) Areas

The NI pilot of the new annual review will be due Friday, July 25, 2014 (Sections I, II, IV, and VI).

The following resources should prove helpful as you complete the review.