Amarillo College

Master Calendar - Wednesday April 30, 2014

9 AM

Club Clash

09:00 AM to 02:00 PM, April 30, 2014

Clock Tower

Club Clash 2014: Wednesday April 30, 2014




# of members needed for event

10:15-10:45 am

Academic Bowl

Clock Tower


11:45am- 12:30pm

Creeper Relay Race

Between Eng. Building and Concert Hall Theatre


12:45pm - 1pm

Hot wing Eating Contest

Clock Tower



Dodge ball Tournament

Carter Fitness Center



  1. Dodge ball tournament: this will be a tournament style event, where 2 teams will compete at a time till the last man/woman stands!
  2. Creeper relay race: the participant will be belly down on an auto mechanic creeper and use ONLY their feet to peddle themselves to a pie tin filled with whipped cream and candy to fish out using their mouths. Once the candy has been retrieved, the participant must peddle back to tag other participants.  Whichever team finishes first, wins.
  3. Academic bowl: This will be a jeopardy type of game where 2 participants per club will compete against other teams. Whoever earns the most points/money will win the event.
  4. All you can eat hot wing contest: one participant from each club will compete against other clubs. Whoever can eat the most hot-wings in 3 minutes will be the winner of this event.
  5. Tie breaker: In the case of a tie, teams will be asked “Amarillo College History” questions. The team to answer the question correctly first, will win the tie breaker and will be the champions of Club Clash.


4 PM

Job Readiness Workshop

04:00 PM to 05:00 PM, April 30, 2014

Career and Employment Services Lynn Library 110

Job Readiness: what employers seek, looking for jobs, completing applications.