Master Calendar Event List for 01-11-2019

Master Calendar

1 PM

New Student Orientation

01:00 PM to 04:00 PM, January 11, 2019

Oak Room - College Union Building 203 - Washington Street Campus

General Sessions are held throughout the year. General Sessions include important information on key resources and strategies for success, plus a campus tour. New students are encouraged to attend an orientation that best matches the campus you will be attending their first year. Your Advisor can provide more information on these specific sessions. Registration: Registration for General Sessions is the same as registering for your regular courses. First, sign in to AC Connect. If you have never used AC Connect before, click on First Time Users at the bottom of the page. Under Self Service, click on Current Student, Registration, and then Register for Sections. A new "Student Planning" window will open. In the "Search for courses..." box, type in "NSO" and click search. General sessions will be listed under NSO-0002. Please be mindful of the location listed for the orientation. Select the section you would like to attend, click on Add Section to Schedule, and register.