Can the check in system used at General Assembly be used for other events?

09-27-2018 14:53

Yes, it can. It can be preloaded with expected attendees and used anywhere that has a power source. No internet connection needed. It is currently used for General Assembly and events like Fall Fest and Badgerama.

All you have to do is send an email to and let us know the date of the event and the list of attendees or the group of people you would like preloaded into the system and we will get it ready for your event. IT will email you when the computer is ready to be picked up. Please note that the computers for check in are an all-in-one computer so there is a monitor, keyboard, mouse and scanner only. Please bring a cart with you when you pick up the prepared computers. When you are done with the event, simply drop the computer off where you picked it up from and IT will pull the data and send it to you via email as Excel spreadsheets.

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