ITT Division FAQ Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions about Admission to AC

1. Apply For Admission
  •  New students (and transfers)
  •  Returning students (out one year or more)
  •  Continuing students (no need to re-apply, just see an advisor for registration clearance* and enroll for classes)
    For Financial Aid
  • Complete and submit FAFSA to Department of Education
*Some majors do not require a registration clearance every semester.
2. Advise
  • Complete placement assessment (unless exempt). If ensure of exemption, see your advisor.
·        Sign up for a required New Student Orientation.
·        Make an appointment with an academic advisor for assistance in planning your schedule Debby Carey @ 345-5543. 
3. Enroll
    In Person
  •  See your Academic Advisor or Division Counselor.
4. Pay
·        Payment is due by first class meeting for each semester.
·        If you choose late registration, payment is due on the day you register.
·        You may pay online or at an AskAC counter on any campus.
·        After paying, pick up a parking permit and student identification at the AskAC counter on the Washington Street Campus.
·        Take a copy of your class schedule to the Bookstore to identify and purchase textbooks.
*NOTE: If you do not meet payment deadlines, you may be dropped from classes.