Become a Faculty/Staff Mentor

Coach Training for new mentors will be held during Coach Week, March 27th-March 31st.   Reserve your spot!

AC faculty and staff mentors assist their first year students as they transition to college life, provide them with guidance and advice, and ultimately help make their college experience more successful and satisfying.  All ACE scholarship recipients and 2016 Caprock graduates are automatically matched with a supportive faculty or staff member who serves as a campus point person to help these students navigate campus and get their questions answered.  

Your role is simple - you share your phone number with an incoming first year student and touch base a number of times during the first six weeks of college.  You aren't expected to know all the answers.  As a mentor, you may direct your student to campus resources, make them aware of services, or introduce them to the faculty or staff member in the best position to help.  Every mentoring relationship is different, and you are empowered to develop a dynamic that works for you and your student.  

Here's what our Coaches said they gained from their participation:

  • I learned about all of the resources available to our students and made contacts in other departments.
  • Professional connections on campus that I did not have before.
  • I gained an insight into the challenges my student faced.  
  • It helps me see the college experience through their eyes
  • An appreciation for how hard they work to overcome obstacles, and more motivation to be a greater help to students.
  • It is nice to see a student start from a position of uncertainty and nervousness, and then transform during the year into confident young men.  It helps connect my work, which is not directly with the students, to our overall purpose here at AC.
  • Deeper understanding of our students; sense of helping the student and the college. Mostly, I connected helping students to my job. I never work directly with students in my job. Now I get it.
  • What have I not gained. I love this program!
  • I was able to meet an amazing, young champion! She needed very little assistance, but this program provided a nice way for me to connect to a student and hopefully let the student know that there are people at AC who are available and willing to offer her support.

For more information on this outstanding program, please contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator, Calee Follins at!