AC Music Faculty Staff Handbook & Policies

Facility Use and Security: 

All faculty are responsible for assisting with building/equipment security and energy savings.

   * Notify AC Police when you are here during unscheduled event or class times.
 * Check that doors are securely locked when you leave the building, including office, classroom and rehearsal spaces.
  * After Concert Hall use, close and lock backstage, Common Lobby, and balcony doors.
  * Campus security and custodial services are limited on the weekend -- assume you'll be the last one in the room for the day and lock everything up when you leave.
  * AC Police and Physical Plant can unlock any classroom space for faculty, with ID, if you need assistance.

AC Police: 371-5163
Physical Plant: 345-5560

The AC Energy Conservation Policy and Guidelines document can be found on the P drive under public/FMC.

Academic Master Calendar 

2021-2022 Music & Theatre Department Meetings: 

Aug 27, Nov 5, Jan 14, Feb 4, April 8 
11:30 AM-12:30 PM

2021-2022 Jury Dates: 

Monday, December 13 and Monday, May 9
  • Applied instructors will submit jury sheet documenting repertoire prepared, studied, and ensembles for each music major.
  • All music majors are required to perform a jury for full time music department faculty and their applied music instructor at the end of each semester. The averaged jury grade will count as part of the applied lesson grade.
  • Non-piano majors must perform at least one piece accompanied by another instrument.
  • Students will sign up for a jury time at least 1 week prior to jury day, and notice will be given by the music office when sign up begins.
  • The second semester freshman level jury also serves as petition for the student to continue on to sophomore level applied study.  Music faculty will determine if skills and knowledge demonstrated at this jury are commensurate with those needed to begin sophomore requirements in the area of concentration.  If they are not, the student will repeat freshman applied lessons until juried skills and knowledge are such that the student potential to be successful in sophomore level applications is met.

Recital Attendance Student Performances: 

Thursdays, October 14, November 18 (piano only), & December 9 in the Concert Hall Theater
Students are expected to perform twice per semester:
  • Priority placement on the program will be given to currently enrolled students in their applied lesson major. 
  • Every attempt will be made to schedule students taking an applied lesson minor or elective section if the instructor would like them to perform, as time allows.  Minor and elective student placement on a recital will be confirmed to the instructor the week after forms are due.
  • Recital attire and etiquette, including unpacking instruments and tuning before class begins, is expected.
  • Faculty must submit this form for each student performing at least two weeks before the scheduled recital, to ensure faculty approval and program preparation. Student Recital Performance Approval Form
  • Please check that the student has contacted and confirmed with their pianist before submitting a request to play in the recital

Faculty responsibilities regarding student juries/performances:

Although students are informed of the following policies (Music Major Handbook, link below),
all applied lesson faculty are responsible for assisting private students in planning the following:
  • Securing an accompanist.  Juries require at least one piece presented with accompaniment for all but piano-major students. 
    AC faculty and staff pianists MAY be available, but must be secured by the student and music provided to them 4 weeks in advance for juries (8 weeks for recitals).
  • General juried material guidelines include two to five prepared pieces as appropriate for the student level and area of specialization. Scale studies, technical exercises, and pieces studied but not presented for jury are also listed each semester. Memorization is required for piano and vocal students, and highly recommended for other instrumentalists as guided by practices in the performance area.
  • The second semester freshman level jury also serves as petition for the student to continue on to  sophomore level applied study. Students not yet demonstrating skills and knowledge commensurate with those needed to begin sophomore requirements
    in the area of concentration will repeat freshman applied lessons until juried skills and knowledge are such that the student potential to be successful in sophomore level application is met. 
If you have questions or concerns about appropriateness of materials being prepared for the jury, please contact the department chair. 

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Music Assessment Rubrics:

MUEN Assessment Rubric

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Theory IV Assessment Rubric


Degree Checklists, Music Major Handbook, and other student resources are found in the Academics dropdown of the webpage.

Music Lab/Piano Lab

The department has a media collection including over 1,000 compact discs, more than 500 videos (including live opera productions), and thousands of LP recordings, plus music encyclopedias, reference scores, and other music reference materials.  Students are encouraged to spend time in the Music Lab familiarizing themselves with these resources.  The piano lab provides student access to keyboards, computers, and ProTools, Piano Marvel and Finale software.  Piano keyboards are available for student and faculty checkout, and a limited number of iPads are also available for faculty use. The lab supervisor is responsible for checking out and maintaining records on all items.
The Music Lab is located in MB 201A and the Piano Lab in MB 203. Hours for both are M-F, 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM. 



Amarillo College Main Library:

Over 78,000 electronic books and 20,000 full-text periodicals in many individual disciplines are available
at the library, work, or home through the library’s Web page.  In addition to access to the Naxos library, the Amarillo College library is an incredible resource for academic research, career exploration, and current topics in music subjects.





Academic References:



Syllabus Posting Requirements

Textbook Policy

Registrar Portal:

Important course dates, census roster and grade submission instructions.

Blackboard References:

Each class should have a Blackboard shell with (at minimum):

* linked syllabus

* gradebook 

* how to contact the instructor





Don't forget to check the Faculty Tools heading in Blackboard for lots of great how to's, troubleshooting guides, and other resources.

Blackboard 101 enrollment video for students

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