Who is required to take New Student Orientation?

All incoming students, enrolled in 8 or more hours, are required to take New Student Orientation (NSO).

I'm a transfer student.  Do I need to complete an NSO?

More than likely, no.  If you have over a 2.0 GPA at your previous institution, with at least 12 hours of transferrable credit you do not have to complete New Student Orientation.  An official transcript from your previous institution must be on file with the AC Registrar's Office.  If you don't match these items, you will need to complete an NSO.

I took Dual Credit classes.  Do I need to complete an NSO?

Yes.  Dual Credit courses do not count towards the NSO requirement.

I took Concurrent Enrollment classes.  Do I need to complete an NSO?

No, although, it is recommended.

What is covered in an NSO session?

Many things are covered in an NSO session.  From basic knowledge about the campus to how to speak to your instructor (and almost everything in between).  NSO sessions are designed to help you function in our community.

How can I complete my NSO requirement?

You can complete your NSO requirement in three ways:

  • Badger Boot Camp (preferred method)
  • In-Person session
  • Online

How long is NSO?

When making plans to attend an in-person NSO budget at least 2 hours of time.  The time commitment for the online NSO depends on each individual, but typically it takes between an hour and an hour and a half.

Badger Boot Camp is an all-day event, so please plan on spending the day!

Do I need to sign up for New Student Orientation?

If you're going to participate in Badger Boot Camp, or one of the in-person NSO sessions you will need to register or sign-up in advance.

If you're going to take the online NSO you simply need to log in and begin.

How do I sign up for Badger Boot Camp?

You can sign up for Badger Boot Camp by completing an application and returning your payment with the application.

How do I sign up for an in-person NSO session?

In-person sessions are added just like other courses.  Here's a quick video to help you if you're not sure what to do to sign up.  When signing up for a session look for the subject "NSO".

I'm taking an EDUC 1300 class.  Will that count as my NSO credit?

No.  EDUC 1300 will not count as NSO credit.

May I bring a guest with me to the session?

It depends.  If you're attending Badger Boot Camp you'll probably have your parents with you.  There's a separate registration and fee for Badger Boot Camp Moms & Dads.

If you're attending an in-person session, yes, you may bring a guest.

May I bring my children to the in-person NSO?

Unfortunately, no.  We love kids, but we'll be sitting for a while and talking about college topics.  Little bodies tend to get the wiggles and drive their parents crazy in situations like this.

I've taken the online New Student Orientation.  How long before my hold is released?

The usual wait time is 24 hours.  Each business day by 10 a.m., our staff logs on to see who has successfully completed the online NSO session.  

Can I call and get my NSO hold released earlier?

Typically, no.  Because of the volume of students we see, email and call each day, (especially during peak registration periods) we're unable to accommodate immediate NSO hold requests.