New Student Orientation



Getting the right information about going to college is important - and the sooner you get it the better.

Students are required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) prior to the beginning of their first semester or they will not be permitted to re-enroll until the requirement is fulfilled.


How can I fulfill my New Student Orientation Requirement?

Students can fulfill their NSO requirement by registering for and completing any ONE of the following:

  • Badger Boot Camp (only offered during the summer-designed for recent high school graduates ages 18-22).
  • NSO 24/7 for 24+ (a unique session specifically designed for adult students).
  • New Student Orientation Sessions (2-hr in-person session-designed for all audiences).  Some sessions are tailored to your major or specific needs.  Please ask your advisor.
  • Online Orientation - Distance Education Students (You will need your AC NetID to complete the New Student Orientation online.  For example c0283321 should be entered as 0283321.

What if I'm a Transfer Student? Do I still need NSO?

Transfer students with 12 or more transferable hours and a 2.5 or higher GPA (from previously attended institution) may be exempt from taking NSO.  Dual Credit or Concurrent Enrollment hours do not apply.

Official transcripts from previously attended institution must be on file with the AC Registrar's Office for exemption to be verified.  Please call (806) 371-5440 to verify transfer exemption.


Student Handbook

The Amarillo College Student Handbook  (PDF) is a useful reference tool for AC students.  In it you will find:

  • campus maps
  • academic calendars
  • success tips
  • how to calculate your GPA
  • and more.