New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is a required orientation which prepares students for their first semester of college. By providing important information about policies, services, and activities, first-year students are more successful in identifying and avoiding potential obstacles in achieving their academic goals.

Students are required to attend New Student Orientation prior to the beginning of their first semester or they will not be permitted to re-enroll until the requirement is fulfilled.

How can I fulfill my New Student Orientation Requirement?

Students can fulfill their New Student Orientation requirement by registering for and completing any ONE of the following:

Badger Boot Camp is a day-long student orientation designed for recent high school graduates.

Badger Boot Camp

Badger Boot Camp is a day-long summer orientation designed for recent high school graduates. Badger Boot Camp includes icebreakers, campus tour, faculty panel, and special sessions on student success and advising. Participants receive a t-shirt, lunch, and AC planner.

New Student Orientation tailored to the Adult Students Program and disAbility Services students.

General Sessions

General Sessions are 3-hour sessions held throughout the year. General Sessions include important information on key resources and strategies for success, plus a campus tour. While the majority of General Sessions are open to all, some may be tailored to specific student populations, such as the Adult Students Program and disAbility Services.  

Online New Student Orientation is available for distance education students.

Online Orientation

Online Orientation is available for distance education students. To receive credit for completing online orientation, you will need to sign in using your AC ID number.


Student Handbook: 

Student Handbook which includes campus maps, academic calendars, success tips, how to calculate your GPA, and more! The Amarillo College 2015-2016 Student Handbook is a useful reference tool for AC students. In it you will find campus maps, academic calendars, success tips, how to calculate your GPA, and more!