Application Points

Each year the points calculation formula is reviewed and on occasion revised. These revisions occur in order to reflect current practice in the profession of occupational therapy, changes in the college and division as well as desired program outcomes.

The program director and faculty retain the right to change the point system and application processes for the advantage of the profession, college, division and program.

The formula for the past several years has included college credit general education courses completed. A calculation is made using earned grades as supported on official transcripts. In addition, students are granted more points if all general education and related courses are completed prior to the application being finalized.

The formula also has included a point award for clinical observation of occupational therapy. These observations are documented on forms provided to the applicant after an initial online application has been submitted. The greater number of documented observation hours attended by the OTA applicant, the higher number of points awarded.

In 2015 interviews may be included as part of the application process. Top scoring applicants will be informed if interviews are required or conducted.

There are no minimum number of points required or maximum number of points allowed in the OTA application process. Each year the applicant pool establishes the point limits for the incoming cohort.