Emergency Situations

Always report any emergency or suspicious activity to the Amarillo College Police Department at 806-371-5163 or the EMERGENCY number at 806-371-5911.


Actions to Take in Emergency Situations:


Leave the building immediately (Evacuation routes are posted in each hallway of each building)

  • DO NOT use elevators
  • ASSIST the disabled
  • TAKE valuables and cell phones with you
  • PROCEED to assembly area outside
  • STAY CLEAR of the building for any debris that could fall
  • RALLY POINT for class to come together to make sure everyone is accounted for and report anyone missing

Reverse Evacuation

Return or get into a building immediately

  • RETURN to the nearest building immediately
  • ASSOCIATED with take cover or shelter in place situations
  • ACCOUNT for everyone who was with you and report anyone missing

Take Cover

Generally weather related situations (Best available tornado shelter maps are posted with the evacuation routes in each hallway of each building)

  • MOVE below ground if possible
  • MOVE to the lowest level floor and most interior room available
  • USE items such as cushions, backpacks, etc. to cover your body
  • DO NOT stay in your automobiles

Shelter in Place

Generally for hazardous materials

  • GO inside immediately and stay there
  • CLOSE and lock doors and windows
  • TURN off all air conditioning and heating systems if possible
  • AC ALERT will give updates
  • WAIT for the "all clear" from AC ALERT or AC Officials

Lock Down

Generally for threats in or around the campus

  • GO inside immediately and stay there
  • LOCK all exterior and interior doors
  • STAY where you are until the "all clear" is given

Active Threat

Violent situations: AVOID, DENY, DEFEND

  • AVOID - if there is an escape route, evacuate, get to safety, report the situation, prevent others from entering the area
  • DENY - if you cannot evacuate, find a place to hide, lock doors, barricade entries, turn off lights and cell phones
  • DEFEND - if you cannot evacuate or hide, fight back, be aggressive, throw items, yell, use improvised weapons

Medical Emergencies

Amarillo College Police Department 806-371-5163 or Emergencies 806-371-5911

  • Has AED's (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Has first aid kits

Fire Extinguisher Use

Fire extinguishers are located throughout the buildings

  • ONLY use if physically able and know how to use it
  • USE the following to operate a fire extinguisher
  • PULL the pin in the handle
  • AIM the nozzle of the base of the fire
  • SQUEEZE the lever slowly
  • SWEEP from side to side