Hostage Situations

  • You must remember to remain calm. Maintain your composure and keep your dignity and self respect. 
  • Be as agreeable as possible and act cooperative. 
  • Be patient. Time is on your side. Avoid any actions or unsolicited comments that might jeopardize your personal safety. 
  • Avoid eye contact with the hostage taker unless you are directly spoken to.
  • Tell the hostage taker if medications, first aid, or restroom privileges are needed, when you speak look directly at the hostage taker. 
  • Try to position yourself away from doors or windows that may be entered by rescue teams or through which shots might be fired. 
  • Drop to the floor and cover your head if there is gunfire. 
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and identify escape routes in case smoke bombs are used in a rescue attempt.
  • If the opportunity presents its self and you feel confident you may choose an attempt to open a dialogue with the hostage taker. In doing so avoid arguments and expect the unexpected. 
  • Get down immediately and stay down when the rescue takes place.