Amarillo College Board Policy Manual



This manual contains the policies governing the operation of Amarillo College (hereinafter referred to as "the College") within the Amarillo Junior College District ("the College District"). Legally referenced policies are based upon the United States and Texas Constitutions, federal and state statutes, case law, Attorney General opinions, Coordinating Board policies and regulations, and governmental regulations.

The Amarillo College Junior College District Board of Regents Policy Manual ("the Manual") contains the following:

1. Policies derived from a legal reference common to community and junior colleges.

For brevity, many of the legally referenced policies have been rewritten to identify the College and in some cases to represent precisely the College policy but not to change the meaning or the spirit of the law or regulation.

2. Other Board-approved policies that have special application to the College 


Section A Basic College District Foundations

Section B Local Governance

Section C Business and Support Services

Section D Personnel

Section E Instruction

Section F Students

Section G Community and Governmental Relations

Section H Grant Development and Administration