Executive and Procurement Card Guidelines

The AC Procurement Card (MasterCard issued through JP MorganChase)  Card Limits:  $2,000 per individual order; up to $20,000 per billing cycle.  Technology Related Purchases are now limited to less than $100.00.

The Cardholder (CH) is responsible for the safety of the card and the proper usage of it.  There are many items that may be purchased, such as supplies, equipment, memberships, and subscriptions.  Items that are not to be purchased include:  alcohol, capital equipment *, furniture, appliances, travel, donations, medical services, professional services, personal communication devices i.e. - cell phones, pagers, PDA's, blackberrys, etc., cash advances or for personal use. 
Do not use Amarillo College issued credit cards (Executive, Procurement or Travel) to pay for ANY fees, tickets, payments to or charges at Amarillo College or its subsidiaries.  Also, process the paperwork in a timely manner so the registration can be completed before the course starts.  Material requisition forms are for supplies/books/etc. from the AC Bookstores, not the above mentioned cards.  ITS Department MUST be contacted BEFORE computers or computer related purchases are made.  Please see the Business office for the approval process to receive a Travel card for travel transactions.

After the CH has gone through their training session, signed the Agreement, and has activated the procurement card, they may begin to utilize this new purchasing system.  Notification of Procurement Card Order form must be completed and forwarded to Central Receiving upon completion of order.  When placing an order with a vendor, the vendor must be aware that the nature of the purchase is a charge and the vendor must be able to accept charges.  The vendor needs to be given all the necessary information/description/quantity along with your name and delivery locations when placing the order.   

It is very important that the vendor is given our tax ID information prior to placing an order.  This information is vital to the vendor so that they will honor our tax exempt status.  If this step is not followed through by the CH, the CH will be responsible for the tax incurred.  Tax credits should be completed within 30 days, otherwise the CH will be responsible for reimbursing AC for any taxes charged on the card.  Please contact Business Office at extension 5001 or Purchasing for our sales tax exempt Federal ID number.  

Certain stores, such as Walmart, require that the CH have a tax exempt card issued by the company.   When a company is verifying tax exempt status, in most instances, our status is under Amarillo Junior College District. 

 Funds (including Agency Accounts) must be available to cover the cost of the order. 

The CH is responsible for all problems with order.  If wrong items were received, the CH must resolve this with the vendor if at all possible.  If problem is irresolvable with vendor then JP MorganChase will assist you.  Use the cardholder statement of disputed items. 

The CH will be receiving a monthly statement and should match this against individual transactions/orders placed.  Purchasing or Business Office can assist you in showing you an example of a transaction log to use in your department.

The CH will submit promptly their reconciliation form showing GL account #'s to the Purchasing Department.  The form must be filled out accurately and completely, including complete descriptions, 18 digit account numbers (NOT POOL ACCOUNTS) and accurate summarized totals.  This is a critical step:  we only have a few days to get the statements reconciled and the wire transfer payment made to the credit card company to avoid excessive late fees.  

Repeated violations may result in suspension or termination of the card.

*Definition of capital equipment is ANY equipment with a cost $1,000.00 and greater and ANY computer, computer related items $500.00 or greater.

For any questions please call x5218, x5015 or x5017.

Revised 1/7/11



Executive and Procurement Card Procedures

Changes effective 9/1/09

These procedures also apply to petty cash and store credit cards (Sam's, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, etc.)

Technology Related Purchases

To assure AC follows appropriate accounting and auditing procedures, the dollar amount that is acceptable for purchasing technology related items has been changed to $100.00 from $500.00.  See Purchasing Technology Policy for more information. 


  • No software will be purchased unless a Purchase Order is issued with prior ITS approval.
  • If a credit card is needed;  Purchasing or ITS will use their card.  (Important change due to enhanced documentation of software for licensure compliance)
  • For Software specifications, please contact Lee Colaw.  (ITS will provide quotes to Purchasing for Purchase Orders)


  • Acceptable purchases for Computer Hardware:  Thumb drives, USB hubs, cables, mice, keyboard, if each item is less than $100.00
  • Unacceptable purchases for Computer Hardware:  Routers, PC's laptops, projectors, printers, scanners, monitors and any wireless networking equipment.
  • For Hardware Specification, please contact Jeff Gibson.


  • No appliances.
  • No furniture will be purchased on the procurement card; a Purchase Order will be required by the ordering department.  (desks, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, tables, etc.)

Policy Consequences:

  • Loss of procurement card and/or budget authority. 
  • "Violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, as outlined in Section DMC of the Board of Regents Policy Manual"