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TSI Review

The state of Texas requires each student to be assessed prior to taking a college course.  The current state assessment is the TSI- Texas Success Initiative

The TSI has 3 assessments: Math, Reading, and Writing

The score range on the TSI is 310-390.  The state has determined college readiness scores at 350 for Math, 351 for Reading, and 340-4 or 5 for the Writing.  

The Smart Start Center offers free practice TSI assessments that will gauge where a student's strengths are and if a review is necessary.  

In addition to the practice assessments, Smart Start  offers individualized reviews tailored for each student.  The review sessions are typically 1 hour long. The number of sessions depends on the amount of material you want to review.  

Stop by today for your TSI Review!

No appointment necessary, no fee for this service.  

Available for Amarillo College students and area high school students.