Top Ten Student Needs

1. Shelter/Affordable Housing
2. Utilities
3. Transportation
4. Food
5. Clothing, Shoes, and Coats
6. Childcare
7. Substance Abuse
8. Medical/Dental/Vision
9. Counseling
10. Legal

1. Shelter/Affordable Housing

Faith City Mission (Lighthouse)

(806) 376-5348                                                                                                                                        

401 SE 2nd

Temporary shelter for families.  This is usually a two week stay unless working towards definite goals.

Intakes M-F 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  If married, must provide marriage license. Picture ID, Social Security card, and NCIC from police dept (free from police dept) for every adult. Social Security card and birth certificate for every child.

Single Male
(806) 373-6402

Sunshine Cottage

(806) 372-3985

Housing for single mothers in possession of their children who have the desire and determination to attain a college degree.

To apply, one must call, write an autobiography explaining their past and future aspirations, and must be homeless or very low income.