Financial Aid Dates & Resources


This is a brief list of due dates.  Remember, each scholarship you apply for has its own due date. It is your responsibility to know those dates and have your paperwork completed.

    Due Date
FAFSA   6/30
AC Foundation Allied Health Scholarship   3/1
AC Foundation General Scholarship   3/1
Adult Student Programs Fall 7/1
  Spring 11/1
  Summer 5/1
LITE Scholarship (disAbility Services)   3/1

This information is provided as an additional resource only. You must contact the Financial Aid office with any questions.

Amarillo Area Foundation.url
Bivins Foundation.url
College For All Texans Home.url
college. gov - college, education, financial aid info.url
Datatel Scholarship Foundation.url
Direct Loans - federal.url
Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD) - find funding from state governments.url
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid.url
Fastweb free scholarship search.url
Federal financial aid scholarship wizard.url
Federal Student Aid for Counselors.url
FinAid! Financial Aid, College Scholarships and Student Loans.url
Financial Aid Resource Publications from the U.S. Department of Education.url
Hispanic College Fund.url
Mapping Your Future - exit loan counseling.url
National Student Loan Clearinghouse.url
Opportunity Plan Inc.url - education funding from other fed agencies.url
Texas Common Application.url
Texas Education Agency.url

We have computers dedicated for our students to use.  You are invited to come to our offices and utilize these computers to search for scholarships, financial aid, grants, etc. and to complete the applications.