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On Site Staff Tutors

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Professional Tutors:


Marcia Green, RN BSN

Marcia Green tutors Intro to Nursing by Appointment only.


Shirley Karr, RN BSN

Shirley graduated from WTAMU with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and from Angelo State University with a Master’s degree in Nursing Education.  She currently works at the TTUHSC School of Medicine.  She can tutor students in Critical Care.

Shirley tutors Tuesday's at 5:00pm-6:30pm at West Campus, Bldg A, Conference Room 105.


Elizabeth Ogbonna LVN

Elizabeth Ogbonna, L.V.N, is a recent graduate of the Vocation Nursing Program here at Amarillo College.  She is an incredibly busy wife and mother of 4.  She currently tutors all Vocational Nursing students to increase graduation and retention rates.


Ruth Whitehead RN MSN

Ruth Whitehead, RN, is the nursing supervisor at Texas Tech University of Health Science Center.  She tutors well with level III ADN students as well as Pediatrics in Level I. 



Please feel free to contact any of the SSS - HS Staff to schedule additional tutoring dates and times!