2015-2016 SSS-Health Workshops




Throughout the year we provide weekly workshops to help you in every facet of your education, career, and financial goals. Below please find a list of the workshops currently scheduled. If you have any questions about a workshop, or are interested in presenting information to our SSS-Health participants, please contact Sayra Maldonado at 467-3106 / smaldonado@actx.edu

Title Room # Week Presenter Summary
Study Skills 105 August 31 Sayra Maldonado Gain knowledge about studying methods/styles that have been recommended by graduates, instructors, and online scholars.
Avoiding Scams 105 September 9 Sayra Maldonado Discover the new creative ways scammers and hackers want to take advantage of you.
Becoming Aware of your Body Language 105 September 14 Sayra Maldonado Your body language shapes who you are, find out how understanding this can help interviews, and everyday conversations.
Test Taking Strategies 105 September 21 Sayra Maldonado Learn strategies that will make life easier on test day!
Stress Relief 105 September 28 Sayra Maldonado Learn how to unwind and relax during the grind.
Applying for Scholarships 105 October 5 Sayra Maldonado Finding the money in all the right places!
Spending Money 105 October 12 Sayra Maldonado Learning better ways to manage money.
Identity Theft 105 October 19 Sayra Maldonado Discussing steps to take on protecting yourself and your information.
Talking Money & Setting Goals 105 October 26 Sayra Maldonado Focusing on goal setting when it comes to money.
Saving Money 105 November 2 Sayra Maldonado Easy Ways to save while in college.
Social Media 105 November 9 Sayra Maldonado Using social media in a positive way.
Transfer to 4-year 105 November 16 Sayra Maldonado Researching 4-year institutions.
Note Taking 105 December 7 Sayra Maldonado Learning how to effectively take notes.
Job Search/Resume Building 105 December 14 Sayra Maldonado Exploring the different job search tools while creating a standout resume.