Success Center


Skill development is essential to ensure success in college courses.  Students who score into a developmental level of education based on a state approved placement test are advised in the Success Center.  

We will discuss course options, proper placement, TSI scores, and how to successfully complete developmental courses to further the student's goals.    

Quick TSI Review

The Success Center TSI Quick Reviews are designed to facilitate students' appropriate placement and movement through developmental courses at Amarillo College.  

  • Provide a quick review of basic skills in Math, Reading, and/or Writing
  • Avalilable to students who have never taken the TSI Assessment
  • Available to students who want to retake the TSI Assessment
  • No cost for this service

Learning Center

Located on the Washington Street Campus in the Ware Student Commons, the Learning Center develops basic academic skills in the areas of math, reading, and writing. The learning environment allows students the flexibility of scheduling their study around their personal schedules. Using an individualized, computer-assisted approach to learning, the learning center provides students with the following opportunities: 

  • Skill building
  • Test prep
  • HESI Reading Review

Blocks of time may be purchased 

14 hour block of time- $50

40 hour block of time- $125

60 hour block of time- $175

Student must visit the 3rd floor of the Ware Student Commons to pick up an enrollment form between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM Monday through Thursday.  

  Developmental Coursework

Students may enroll in the Learning Center to meet developmental education requirements in lieu of structured developmental courses. Students may enroll in our 3-hour developmental course of BASW.  Students are supported in these classes by individualized or small group instruction as well as computer-assisted learning.  This basic academic skill course helps students fulfill their developmental requirements. 

These courses are offered at the Washington Street Campus, Hereford Campus, and Moore County Campus: BASM 0301, BASM 0302, BASM 0303, BASR 0301, BASR 0302, BASW 0301, or BASW 0302See your advisor to enroll.