Student Placement Process


Thank you for your interest in the Amarillo College Suzuki Program. It is our goal to place students in the most expedient manner possible. The following explains the enrollment process and the administration of the placement list.

How is a student placed on the list?

Students, having completed a Student Placement and Observation form and paid the $20.00 fee, are put on the list the date information is received ac­cording to the following priorities:

  1. Students currently enrolled who wish to change to another instrument OR who want to change to another teacher for responsible reasons; siblings of students already enrolled; current AC Suzuki Orff class students ready to add an instrument;
  2. Students from another Suzuki program moving to the Amarillo area; potential students whose parent has already completed the AC Suzuki Parent Class;
  3. Students from the general public.

What are the expectations for parent and/or child while on the student placement list?

  •  Attend recitals, play-ins, group classes, and special events.  A calendar of events is available on this website.
  • Read Nurtured by Love and Ability Development from Age Zero, two books by Shinichi Suzuki that assist in understanding the Suzuki philosophy of teaching. They are for sale at area music and book stores, or available at the public library.
  • Purchase the tape or CD of Book One and start listening at home to be familiar with the pieces when lessons begin.
  • Play classical music in the home. Try High Plains Public Radio, or recordings from the Public Library.
  • Consider enrolling in the AC Suzuki Parent Class at your first opportunity.


How does a student get assigned to lessons?

Student information and teacher openings are reviewed prior to each long semester looking for appropriate matches. Criteria such as time availability, age and level of student are considered. Stu­dents are placed with teachers in the order of their position on the list. Students will not be taken out of order unless students before them are unavailable. When an opening becomes available and a prospective match has been made, the office will call to offer a day/time/teacher for lessons. If the match is agreeable, the par­ent must immediately enroll in the AC Suzuki Parent Class, your new teacher will call, and the student will be enrolled at the next registration date.

How many times can a lesson opportunity be turned down?

In the event a parent turns down two proposed lesson times (based on the information provided by the parent) the student’s name will be moved to the end of the list. (Priority #4)

Can a particular teacher be requested?

The AC Suzuki Program prides itself in its outstanding fac­ulty. We feel confident we can place your child successfully. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a particular teacher request, please contact the office.

How long does it take to place a student?

We take seriously our responsibility of scheduling each prospec­tive student as soon as possible. Students whose parents com­plete the AC Parent Class generally get placed at the beginning of the following semester, depending on teachers’ openings and schedule flexibility. For quick placement, accepting a lesson time that may not be entirely convenient for a semester is recommend­ed. Faculty schedules change and more desirable times may be­come available once lessons have begun.

Suggestions to help the enrollment process:

  • Get on the student placement list as soon as possible.
  • List accurate lesson availability information on waiting list form.
  • Keep the office updated with any changes to lesson availabil­ity information.
  • Consider a time that is not the most convenient until one becomes available.
  • Try to accept placement offerings so that your place will not be relinquished on the list.

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