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Check in this area for ideas and resources to support your home practice, including charts, links, and motivation.  Let us know YOUR favorite tip or source to share!

Metronome Online

Metronome Online - an online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music. This music tool helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections and is always available for free at



Instrument & Supplies Resources

This is a basic list of local, regional and online merchants to assist with instrument rentals, purchase and repairs.  Links to suppliers of musical accessories and gifts are also listed.

Kruno’s Violin Shop - Sales of professional level instruments, bows and accessories right here in Amarillo.  Premiere repair work available as well.  Check the website for more information.

Shop hours by appointment.

Longcor Music Company - Rental and sales of violins, violas and cellos, bows, accessories and music. 
1966 Civic Circle, Amarillo

Tarpley Music Co.
3800 West Interstate 40, Amarillo

Robertson & Sons Violin Shop
3201 Carlisle NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110


3602 Slide Road, No. B-11
Lubbock, Texas 79414


(817) 741-3838
PO Box 2407
Keller, Texas 76244

Online Shopping

Young Musicians  Full service instrument rental and sales, with many supplemental items of interest to Suzuki families.


The Enterprising Rabbit Unique music bags, shoulder rests, games and other products to inspire the young musician.

The Music Stand  A diverse selection of high-quality musical and perfoming arts theme merchandise.



Music Resources & Games

Websites are listed for family resources only and are not endorsed by the AC Suzuki Program -- let us know what you use, like and what might be removed or added! 

The Music Room - Award-winning general music site by a California public school.  Includes info on musical time periods, women in music, theory and more.

Music Theory - lessons on how to read music and drills for treble cleff notes.

Notes of the Staff Flashcards - for treble, alto or bass clef :)


Online Alto Clef note spelling - how many can you get correct in a row? - individual online drills for note names, key signatures, chords and instrument fingerings - over 130 quizzes, puzzles and games about music, including music theory, composers, instruments and more! - lots of info and tips for teachers, students and families! - lots of links for families - some downloadable games for music notation - sample games are free but useful! - rhythm/pulse game

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"Perhaps it is music that will save the world."

- the great cellist, Pablo Casals, upon hearing a group of Suzuki students perform.