Observation Policy

It is the policy of the AC Suzuki Program that students observe a minimum of two private lessons of the same or different teacher before being placed on the waiting list. We strongly believe that seeing the Suzuki philosophy, commitment and process in action is vital to the success of your child’s music education.

Please make arrangements to observe each lesson with the private teacher prior to your visit. Teacher names and contact information are available at www.actx.edu/suzuki

When observing another student’s lesson, please arrive five minutes early. You, the parent, may come alone or with your child. If your child does attend, please help them listen quietly during the lesson. If your child becomes restless, please leave the studio. (It’s okay.) In order to avoid distracting the student taking the lesson, please wait until the lesson is completed before asking any questions you may have.

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"Perhaps it is music that will save the world."

- the great cellist, Pablo Casals, upon hearing a group of Suzuki students perform.