Mass Media Department 2023-2024
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Instructor Course Title Course Name, Number and Section Semester Class Type
Maddisun FowlerIntroduction to Mass CommunicationCOMM-1307-001SummerOnline Course Syllabus
Donald AbelIntroduction to FilmCOMM-2366-002SummerOn Campus Course Syllabus
Brent CavanaughPhotography ICOMM-1318-002FallOn Campus Course Syllabus
Brian FrankIntroduction to Mass CommunicationCOMM-1307-001Fall IOnline Course Syllabus
Hilary HulseyIntroduction to FilmCOMM-2366-001Fall IOnline Course Syllabus
Brian FrankIntroduction to Mass CommunicationCOMM-1307-002Fall IHybrid Syllabus
Dante Rinaldi2-D Animation IARTV-2301-VFX01FallOnline Course Syllabus
Maddisun FowlerMedia WritingCOMM-2311-001FallHybrid Syllabus
Maddisun FowlerMedia WritingCOMM-2311-002FallOnline Course Syllabus
Broc CarterST - Social Media ToolsETWR-1391-001Fall IOnline Course Syllabus
Dante RinaldiHistory of Animation (Introduction to Visual and Special Effects)FLMC-1301-VFX01FallOnline Course Syllabus