Mortuary Science Department 2021-2022
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Instructor Course Title Course Name, Number and Section Semester Class Type
Patricia GarciaClinical - Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, GeneralMRTS-1260-001FallClinical Syllabus
Brant DavisClinical - Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, GeneralMRTS-2260-001FallOnline Course Syllabus
Brant DavisTechnical Procedures IIMRTS-2246-001FallOnline Course Syllabus
Robert GreenThanatochemistryMRTS-1225-001FallOnline Course Syllabus
Jeffery KeeDeath and DyingPSYT-1325-001FallOnline Course Syllabus
Nichol DolbyWorkplace MicrobiologySCIT-1313-001SpringOnline Course Syllabus
Shawna LopezPathophysiologyHPRS-2301-001SpringOnline Course Syllabus
Brant DavisSpecial Topics in Funeral Service & Mortuary ScienceMRTS-1291-001Spring IOnline Course Syllabus
Patricia GarciaSpecial Topics in Funeral Service and Mortuary ScienceMRTS-1191-001Spring IOnline Course Syllabus