Occupational Therapy Assistant Department 2021-2022
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Instructor Course Title Course Name, Number and Section Semester Class Type
Simone BuysOccupational Performance from Birth to AdolescenceOTHA-1241-001FallOn Campus Course Syllabus
Simone BuysMental Health in Occupational TherapyOTHA-2309-001SpringOn Campus Course Syllabus
Simone BuysPracticum I - Occupational Therapy AssistantOTHA-2266-001Spring IClinical Syllabus
Simone BuysTherapeutic Use of Occupations IIOTHA-2402-001SpringOn Campus Course Syllabus
Simone BuysPracticum II – Occupational Therapy AssistantOTHA-2267-001Spring IIClinical Syllabus