Welcome to Pre-Service Training for Child Care Providers in Texas

Painted Hands

Are you ready to get down to business and learn creative ideas like the little girl to your right? In this eight hour training, we are going to explore the following topics:

  1. Developmental Stages of Children
  2. Age-Appropriate Activities for Children
  3. Positive Guidance and Discipline of Children
  4. Fostering Children's Self Esteem
  5. Supervision and Safe Practices in the Care of Children
  6. Positive Interaction with Children
  7. Preventing the Spread of Communicable Diseases
  8. Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Early Childhood Brain Development.

As you can see, there are many important things to learn when you are responsible for the care of young children so let's get started.

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The State of Texas in Senate Bill 260 mandated all new employees working directly with children to complete an additional 16 hours of training in their first 90 days of employment.  Time is ticking and you want to make sure you are in compliance if you are audited by licensing.

Click here to register for the additional 16 Hour Pre-Service Training.

Please contact Stephanie Wilkinson at (806) 410-0947 or by email at stephwilk@live.com for more information.