CDL Class Pre-Registration Information

In an effort to prevent individuals from starting the Truck Driving classes that may be disqualified, we require students to complete a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical (a.k.a. medical card) and drug screen prior to enrolling in the class. The drug screen must be within a 30-day window prior to the first day of class in order to be acceptable. This service can only be provided by medical facilities that perform this service. Some providers include:

  • Faith Medical Clinic - 1619 4th Avenue Canyon, TX (806) 557-4674
  • Faith Medical Clinic - 121 W Park Ave Hereford, TX (806) 360-4526
  • Amarillo Stat Care - 6014 S. Western suite 400, Amarillo, TX (806) 553-2728
  • Prime Medical Testing Inc. - 3400 Olsen Blvd. Amarillo, TX (806) 359-5793
  • Care Express - 2329 Ross-Osage Amarillo, TX (806) 350-5793
  • Concentra Urgent Care - 1619 S. Kentucky Suite F600 Amarillo, TX (806) 373-2200
  • Amarillo Urgent Care - 1915 S. Coulter 3100 Amarillo, TX (806) 352-5400
  • CareXpress - various locations in Amarillo
  • Proffitt Chiropractic - Dumas, TX (806) 935-4197

Prospective students will also need to apply for their Class A CDL learner permit (CLP) prior to the first day of class. Students will not be required to take any tests at the DPS office until after the class begins. If one of the DPS staff asks, let them know that you will not be taking any tests; you just need to apply for your permit. The application will cost $25.00. When applying for the permit, the prospective student will need to take two proofs of residence and their DOT physical card with them and submit the following forms:

*Forms are available at the DPS office. All forms must be completed in black ink. Do not sign any of the forms until you are in front of the DPS counter staff. The Texas Department of Public Safety Amarillo office is located at 6592 East I-40, Amarillo, TX (On the south side of I-40 between Eastern and Whitaker).

  • DL-69 What to bring with you when applying for a Texas Commercial Driver License  DPS - What to bring with you
  • CDL-1 Texas Commercial Driver License Application CDL-1 Application
  • CDL-4 Texas Commercial Driver License Application Interstate Driver Certification (applicant over age 21):   CDL-4 Application
  • CDL-5 Texas Commercial Driver License Application Intrastate Driver Certification (applicant under age 21):   CDL-5 Application
  • CDL-40 Texas Department of Public Safety Examination Report: This form is not available online. 
  • DL-57 Texas Department of Public Safety requires proof of residence. Find out what is required DPS Website

How to go to the Department of Public Safety (DMV) Office: You cannot call, the number listed gets you to Austin, TX. You must do one of two things:

  1. Make an appointment on the website: Schedule DPS Appointment
  2. Arrive at the DPS Office no later than 6:30AM and get in line. 

 When making an appointment online you may get an appointment sooner by checking surrounding towns; Borger, Vega, Dumas, etc. When going to the DPS Office have your driver license, medical card, Proof of US Citizenship or Lawful Presence and 2 proofs of residence. (See DL-57 and DL-69 above).

If a student shows up on the first day of class without their DOT physical (medical card); drug screen results; and Class-A CDL permit receipt, they will be dropped from the class and either refunded their money or enrolled into the next class.

The daytime classes start at 7:30 AM and end at 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday. We will break for an hour lunch. The nighttime classes start at 5:30 PM and end at 10:15 PM Monday through Thursday. There is a refrigerator and microwave in the student break room along with an ice maker.

Due to COVID-19 there may be changes in classroom and lab schedules

Questions? Call us at 806-335-4370