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The VETACT’S Constitution states that “This organization has been created to assist and meet the needs of all students currently enrolled in Amarillo College who serve or have served honorable” and this commitment extends to veteran students, their dependents staff and faculty . Not only is the VETACT here to meet needs but, we have fun doing it.


Kelly Murphy

Veteran Coordinator


Welcome to  fall  2016! 

We are two weeks in and I don’t know about you but, my semester is great! (excluding the bookstore drama!)

I am very excited about starting a new semester off in the right direction with VETACT. There is so much VETACT should and can be doing to  help out our veteran community  here at AC and in the general population.

At one time this was the most active student club on campus and I want it to be that way again.

So, I want to  personally invite you to  join us Sept.  7th @1600 for the 1st meeting of VETACT, in the  College Union Building room 106-next to the bookstore.

Discussion to include;

VETACT mission

Oct-Trunk or Treat

Nov-Veterans Day

Community project

Joe Gandy Book Scholarship

Open seats on the council

Feb-SVA National Conference

Let’s make this club great Again!

See you on the 7th!!

Brayden Murphy

VETACT President

 Why Get involved?

There are many reasons why you should consider joining the VETACT.


Learn information about your benefit

Community Volunteer

Looks good on a resume




Keeping traditions alive

Leadership skill

Establish new friendship

Peer Support

Family oriented

Veterans of Amarillo College Together-Sometimes we just need someone to listen.