WIFFY Report! - December 12, 2016

Dispatch from Dean Frank Sobey

Dec. 12 Dispatch from Dean Frank Sobey

The latest contribution to the WIFFY Report by Frank Sobey, AC’s Dean of Arts & Sciences and English Department Chair:

Dear AC Family,
I loathe commencement ceremonies. In fact, I skipped my undergraduate and graduate walks. However, I did attend my wife’s commencement ceremony when she graduated with her M.A. in English from Texas Tech. It was awful.
I was happy for her, of course, but the speaker, the state photographer of Texas, was unbearably atrocious. For forty-five minutes, he exposed us to the customary commencement platitudes about making a difference, treating life as a journey (not a destination), not compromising our principles, and pursuing our dreams—all of which were illuminated by the cheap flash of, as well as painfully filtered through, his metaphorical distortion.

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Westie.xmasHappy WIFFY Holidays!

This final edition of the WIFFY Report for 2016 is purposely brief. Since its inception in January 2016 – and 33 editions later – the WIFFY Report has evolved in striving to communicate timely and useful information, by and for the Amarillo College Family, in the spirit of AC’s Culture of Caring Values of WOW, INNOVATION, FAMILY, FUN, and YES: WIFFY!

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