In December, 2008, the Amarillo College Board of Regents gave their approval to name the 60,000 square foot Nursing-Dental Health Center at the West Campus after Dr. Steven W. Jones. In January, 2009, the Board approved the official name of Steven W. Jones Hall for the structure. The building will be dedicated as a standing reminder of his significant contribution to the expansion of AC and involvement in the passing of the 2007 Bond Election. 

On Wednesday, February 25, 2009, Amarillo College conducted a groundbreaking ceremony for construction of Jones Hall. Construction is scheduled to begin in March, 2009, on the three story, 60,000 sq. ft. building that will house Nursing and Dental Health programs. The building should be completed by Summer, 2010. 

In her opening statements, Ellen Green (Dean of Communication and Marketing) stated “this is an amazing day” in celebration of the life of Dr. Steven W. Jones. She continued to explain how this new facility will stand as a symbol of his dedication and commitment to Amarillo College. 

Mayor Debra McCartt offered welcoming remarks to the Jones family and attendees, and identified the new building as the “cornerstone” of the bond efforts. 

Wendi Finney, on behalf of Representatives Swinford and Smithy, presented the Jones family with a flag that flew over the state capital.



Dr. Paul Matney, acting President for Amarillo College, recognized Mrs. Tommye Lou Jones and the other members of the Jones family as the day’s “special guests”. 

 Among other attendees recognized were:

         Gary Molberg, President & CEO, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce
Buzz David, President & CEO, Amarillo Economic Development
Patrick O’Brien, President, West Texas A&M University
Richard Jordon, Regional Dean, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Michael Hooten, Regional Dean, Texas Tech Allied Health
Amarillo College Board of Regents Members
Frank Nelson, Former Amarillo College Regent
John Huffaker, Friends of the College
Dr. and Mrs. Brad Johnson, President, Northeast TX Community College
Mary Barlow, Director-Corporate Communications, BSA Health System, Amarillo
Katie Martin, Northwest Texas Hospital
Herb Swender, President, Frank Phillips College
John Abbott and Richard Constancio, Architect, Shiver-Megert & Associates, LLP
Stan Cotgreave, President, Page &Associates Contractors, Inc.
Sheryl Mueller, Chair, Amarillo College Nursing Division
Bill Crawford, Division Chair/Asst. Dean, Career & Technical Programs, Allied Health Division
Sharon Oeschger, Former Amarillo College Regent

In closing, Dr. Matney recognized the faculty of both the nursing and dental programs by a show of hands.


John Hicks, Amarillo College Regent and CEO of BSA Health Systems (Amarillo) expressed the importance of the new facility to Amarillo and the panhandle region. He shared that Amarillo College is a tremendous asset and resource for Amarillo and West Texas. As he closed, he explained that Dr. Jones had “big ideas” and his leadership was appreciated

Kyle Sanders, COO of Northwest Texas Hospital, extended condolences to the family, expressed pride and appreciation for Amarillo college and the new Jones Hall.



Michele Fortunato, Chair of Amarillo College Board of Regents, extended a “thank you” to the hard working employees and friends of Amarillo College, and stated it was “fitting” to have the new building named for Dr. Jones.


Following the speakers, a traditional “turning of the dirt” was performed with ceremonial AC shovels.



A large gathering of attendees include a number of Amarillo College faculty and staff.



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